5 Best Professional Certificates to Help You Land a Job

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In the current job market, employers seek experience and credentials before offering the simplest job opportunity. No one is to be blamed for this, as employers want the best staff who can perform their duties well enough to make the business profitable, and employees get paid on time. On the other side, new graduates or freshers seek job opportunities so that they can learn the necessary skills to improve and grow in their careers.

There is an imbalance between the two, but fortunately, to bring them closer together, big corporations and industry-leading companies like Google, Meta, Microsoft, and more offer professional certificates that will help you learn about the specific field and also help you gain hands-on experience. These professional certificates allow new graduates to learn and gain hands-on experience, and employers will get employees with experience in their portfolios.

Here are the top professional certificates that could land you a job:

Google Project Management: Professional Certificate:

The Google Project Management Professional Certificate course will help you better understand project management practices and skills. You will learn to create effective project documentation and artifacts, understand Agile project management, practice strategic communication and problem-solving, and prepare for a career in Project Management. You will receive professional-level training from Google, earn an employer-recognized certificate, and qualify for in-demand job titles such as Project Manager, Project Coordinator, and Project Assistant.

IBM AI Engineering: Professional Certificate:

If you want to learn about machine learning (ML), deep learning, neural networks, and algorithms like classification, regression, clustering, and dimensional reduction, then take the IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate course. By gaining hands-on experience with popular libraries and frameworks such as SciPy, PyTorch, TensorFlow, and more, you will develop the skills you need to become an AI or ML engineer. You must complete the Capstone Project to earn a Professional Certificate from Coursera and a digital badge from IBM, showing your proficiency in AI engineering.

Meta Front-End Developer: Professional Certificate:

You will learn front-end development with the Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate. This program by Meta covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, GitHub, and more. You’ll also gain in-demand design skills and prepare for technical interviews. The program includes hands-on projects and a final Capstone project where you can showcase your skills. By the end, you’ll be ready for a career as a Front-End Developer, Website Developer, or Software Engineer.

Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst: Professional Certificate:

If you want to learn how to become a Power BI Data analyst, connect to data sources, transform them into insights, and create reports and dashboards, this program is for you. This professional certificate program includes training from Microsoft and prepares you for the Microsoft PL-300 certification exam. After completion, you’ll be prepared for careers such as Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Data Analyst, or Power BI Analyst. The program includes videos, assessments, and hands-on activities to teach key concepts and practical skills needed as a Power BI Data analyst.

AWS Cloud Technology Consultant: Professional Certificate:

This professional certification can help you learn how to provide technical direction, design cloud-based solutions, and gather technical requirements with AWS Cloud Technology as a Consultant. You will receive professional-level training from Amazon Web Services and an employer-recognized certificate. You will gain in-demand skills and unlock career opportunities by connecting with top employers. You can access the AWS Educate Job Board to find and apply for in-demand jobs and internships.

In Conclusion:

New graduates can gain valuable skills and hands-on experience from professional certificates from top companies like Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services. Programs such as Google Project Management, IBM AI Engineering, Meta Front-End Developer, Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst, and AWS Cloud Technology Consultant can improve career possibilities and competitiveness in the job market, preparing you for success in your chosen fields and helping to bridge the imbalance between job seekers and employers.

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