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5 Best AI Tools for Business Automation


In modern times, running a business is really hard due to the heavy cost burden and the difficulty of finding appropriate employees. There is a sufficient number of skilled and educated people; however, finding people willing to do certain tasks is tough. This often leads to task overload or workplace burnout as existing employees need to perform extra activities that they are not skilled at. Hence, the need for task automation comes in when you can decrease task overload, as task automation can reduce the required human assistance while getting the job done.

Here are some helpful AI automation tools businesses can use to get more done:


Xembly is an AI productivity platform for businesses that want to increase workforce capacity by 20% without hiring. Employees can give scheduling, note-taking, and task tracking to their personal AI assistant, freeing up 400 hours annually. Xena, the AI assistant, schedules meetings, handles note-taking, and tracks deliverables, allowing employees to focus on high-value work.


Bardeen is an automation platform that allows you to automate repetitive tasks in the apps and websites you use for work. You can integrate your apps and websites, perform tasks and actions, and create workflows to save time. You can create automation effortlessly by describing your task to the MagicBox. Additionally, Bardeen learns from you to build hyper-personalized automation while you work.

Adobe Marketo:

Adobe Marketo Engage is a powerful B2B marketing automation platform that helps align sales and marketing efforts. It allows you to orchestrate and execute cross-channel campaigns to acquire, nurture, expand, and retain customers. Adobe Sensei GenAI for Marketo Engage offers features like generative chat, conversation summary, and conversation and dialog assist to make work smarter and faster.


UiPath your AI automation at work. The tool can help you find new possibilities for improvement and change how you work with AI-powered automation. You can improve visibility, reduce risk, and upgrade client service. You do not need to deal with a busy signal and free up more time for innovation and customer care, all while simplifying processes for faster time-to-market.


Using Drip, you can upgrade your email marketing strategy with a powerful, affordable, and user-friendly marketing automation platform. With this tool, your emails will no longer land in spam folders due to the platform’s on-brand emails with great deliverability. You can use advanced automation and easily segment your list while enjoying top-notch customer service.


Businesses must consider their challenges regarding cost burden and finding appropriate employees. AI automation tools can help ease some of these challenges by increasing workforce capacity, automating repetitive tasks, and improving efficiency. Tools like Xembly, Bardeen, Adobe Marketo, UiPath, and Drip offer a range of features to streamline processes and free up time for higher-value work. Businesses can work smarter and faster using these automation tools, improving customer service and innovation.



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