5 Best AI Marketing Tools (GPTs) for Marketers

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OpenAI introduced GPTs a while back, and this feature allowed ChtaGPT subscribers to create and use custom versions of ChatGPT. You could add extra instructions, details, and any combination of skills to make it perfect for anyone wanting to do a little more with ChatGPT. Now, with the latest ChatGPT-4o, anyone can access the GPT store to create and use custom GPTs. There is basically a GPT for everyone from any professional background, whether you want to have fun or finish your work. You can find GPTs by the ChatGPT team, as well as GPTs for writing, coding, design, and more. There are GPTs for marketers to help them write better, SEO optimization, create a website or a landing page, and more.

Here are the 5 gaming changing GPTs for marketers:

AI Humanizer:

The AI Humanizer changes AI-generated content into human-like written content. This GPT maintains the original meaning and quality of the content while adding a natural, human-like touch. This GPT is particularly useful for marketers trying to create engaging and relatable content for a large audience. The AI Humanizer supports multiple languages, making it a universal tool for global campaigns.

Fully SEO Optimized Article Including FAQs:

This GPT is for marketers focused on improving their online presence. The Fully SEO Optimized Article Including FAQs GPT, is a must-have. This tool generates comprehensive, SEO-friendly articles complete with titles, meta descriptions, and headings formatted with proper H1-H6 tags. Each article can be up to 2500+ words and includes FAQs and a conclusion, assuring that content is thorough with SEO optimization.

Scholar AI:

Scholar AI is an advanced tool designed for deep research and analysis. It searches and analyzes text, figures, and tables from over 200 million research papers and books. Marketers can use Scholar AI to generate new hypotheses and gain insights from a big pool of academic resources, helping develop data-driven strategies and informed content creation.


Building and hosting beautiful websites is now easier than ever with DesignerGPT. This all-in-one AI tool integrates DALL·E-generated images to create visually appealing websites. Marketers can quickly develop and host sites, which can then be refined further on platforms like Replit. DesignerGPT simplifies web development, making it accessible to those without extensive technical skills.

💻Professional Coder (Auto Programming):

The Professional Coder (Auto Programming) GPT is an expert at solving programming problems. It is a valuable tool for marketers looking to create free tools and interactive content that brings traffic. This GPT helps develop different coding projects and execute new functionalities on websites or applications that improve user engagement and experience.

In Conclusion:

The ChatGPT-4o and the GPT store have introduced powerful tools that can improve the efficiency and creativity of marketers like never before. From humanizing AI-generated text to creating SEO-optimized content and building beautiful websites, these GPTs provide complete solutions custom to a marketer’s needs. These tools can lead to more engaging, optimized, and effective marketing strategies, ensuring marketers stay ahead of the competitive digital era.


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