14 Free ChatGPT Apps (GPTs) for Data Analysis, Creativity, Productivity, and More

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Want to learn about the real potential of ChatGPT? OpenAI’s Custom GPTs offer a new way to use AI for various tasks. Launched in January 2024, the platform now provides thousands of free Custom GPTs designed to improve creativity and productivity. With a free ChatGPT account, you can access thousands of specialized AI apps (GPTs). From writing and research to productivity and education, these apps are designed for ease of use. Ask questions in natural language to get started and refine your questions for better results. In this article, you will find some powerful GPTs that can change your daily tasks and projects.

Here are the Best Free GPTs You Need to Try:


Sketchy can be used to create black-and-white drawings instantly for different canvases without any skills needed.


Consensus is fantastic for questioning published research from millions of academic papers. Learning what science and academia have to say about anything you’re curious about is terrific.

Whimsical Diagrams:

Whimsical can explain and create a detailed diagram for anything you can imagine in the form of a chart or mindmap.

Trey Ratcliff’s Fun Photo Critique GPT:

Upload any photograph and get fast, free feedback based on insights from books and 5,000 blog posts. This GPT combines expert knowledge and AI vision – ChatGPT’s ability to see and understand what’s in an image.

Cartoonize Yourself:

Cartoonize yourself can turn your images into cartoon versions. Take a classic old picture of yourself and give it a fresh look.

Data Analyst:

Data Analyst is ChatGPT’s own app for analyzing data. In addition to helping you clean, analyze, and understand data, the app will also visualize it for you. You can upload CSV files, Excel files (.xls), Zip files, etc.

Data Analysis Buddy:

Data Analysis Buddy is also useful for analyzing data. It’s especially good at quickly assessing a data set and even presenting the findings.

Code Tutor:

Khan Academy’s Code Tutor helps you learn coding step-by-step. This GPT will not code for you but help you work things out.


Wolfram is the best app for calculations, currency conversion, math help, population data, and more.

Copy Editor Bot – CE 101:

Copy Editor Bot – CE 101 lets you paste text and get helpful editing suggestions in a structured, point-by-point format.

Logo Creator:

Get quick custom logo designs and even app icons. You can find it fun to play with this.

Podcast Search is useful for finding podcast episodes featuring specific people, topics, organizations, or new podcasts.

Framework Finder:

Framework Finder can help you find, understand, and apply a framework to any problem you’re working on.


Canva is the most popular GPT creativity on ChatGPT. It allows you to explain what kind of social media post, graphic, or other design you want to create. It creates a rough draft, which you can open and edit in Canva.

In Conclusion:

ChatGPT’s free apps, aka Custom GPTs, offer different tools for creativity, productivity, and learning. From creating sketches and diagrams to analyzing data and finding podcasts, there’s a GPT for almost any task. Check out these GPTs today to improve your workflow and find new ways to use AI in your daily activities.


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