13 Unbelievable Use Cases of ChatGPT-4o that You Must Try

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OpenAI, with the release of GPT-4o, has made major improvements in how we interact with AI. ChatGPT got a major upgrade by including the GPT-4o model, which is free to use while having intelligence similar to GPT -4, the company’s last flagship. ChatGPT-4o can do so much more than GPT-4 and even do things that weren’t even possible. GPT-4o has already changed the world quickly, and people are making the most of it and have been building crazy things in just the past few days.

Here are the 13 best use cases of ChatGPT-4o so far:

Learning New Language:

You can learn any language with GPT-4o’s intelligence and understanding of human language. You can even ask for the names of certain objects in any language on the spot, which is helpful while traveling to a new country.

Writing Understanding:

GPT-4o is an omimodel that can understand different inputs. Writing with hands is old school in 2024, as more people tend to type on their PCs, so you can use GPT-4o to understand any handwriting, even a letter dated 4th Jan 1800.

Interaction Between 2 GPT-4o Models:

You can create a scene where you let 2 or more GPT-4os interact with each other. You can explore and observe their interaction and even let them entertain you by singing for you.

Real-time Conversational Ability:

During the spring event, when OpenAI introduced GPT-4o, they showed us a live demo in which they used GPT-4o in real-time conversations. It is amazing to see how GPT-4o can react to every small detail instantly.

Creating & Coding a Game Using GPT-4o:

You can even create a game with the ChatGPT Mac app using GPT-4o. All you need to do is take a screenshot of the game, ask ChatGPT-4o to generate Python code for it, and instantly launch and play it on your device.

Real-Time Translation:

Due to GPT-4o’s language capabilities, you can use it as a translator for a real-time language translator. Due to these capabilities, you can expand your business, have civil conversations with people worldwide, and travel around the world without the fear of not knowing a particular language.

Creating 3D Models:

You can even start creating 3D models with simple text prompts using GPT-4o. Previously, you needed to use third-party software to generate 3D models, but now, with GPT-4o, you can create 3D models using text prompts within the chat interface.

Interview Preparation:

If you are looking forward to a job interview and want to prepare for the big day, you can get personalized interview training. All you need to do is provide your career professional history and resume. ChatGPT-4o can accurately guide you according to your strengths and capabilities.

Creating Personal Agents:

With GPT-4o, you can create personal autonomous AI agents for tasks such as web search, research, finance agents, and more. Your ability to do this depends on your creativity and imagination.

Coding Assistance:

ChatGPT has improved its coding ability, so you can now use it as a coding assistant to help you solve different coding-related issues. You just need to share your screen with ChatGPT, and GPT-4o will help you with the problem. Now, you have an expert who is always available to help you.

Meeting Assistant:

Although many AI tools can be your meeting assistants, like Otter AI and MeetGeek, you can use ChatGPT to focus on important discussions instead of taking notes and never miss any important details, just like with a meeting assistant.

Detailed Analysis:

ChtaGPT with GPT-4o has improved data analysis ability. You can use that capability to perform in-depth stock analysis and get valuable recommendations and insights on what to do and not lose money.

Changing How We Learn:

One of the best features of the new ChatGPT is the ability to screen share with GPT-4o and use AI to solve and understand the most complex problems. You can solve the most complicated problems and learn how to solve them.

In Conclusion:

The improvements brought by the GPT-4o model have changed how we interact with AI. Its ability to allow real-time conversation, assist in language learning, generate 3D models from text prompts, and provide custom interview preparation are some outstanding features that have made ChatGPT-4o invaluable. Additionally, its coding assistance and data analysis capabilities have significantly changed how we approach problem-solving and learning. ChtaGPT-4o is an exciting tool with endless possibilities and innovations that are yet to come.

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