10 ChatGPT Prompts For Marketing Professionals

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1/ Create a Social Media Content Plan

Prompt: “For my [product/service] targeting [my target audience] on [my social media platform], create a 1-month social media content plan using the 5-3-2 Rule.”

2/ Build a Captivating Brand Story

Prompt: “Help me create a powerful brand story for my [product/service] using the Hero’s Journey framework.”

3/ Build Addictive Campaigns Using the Hooked Model

Prompt: “Use Nir Eyal’s Hooked Model to craft a detailed marketing campaign for our [product/service].”

4/ Optimize Your Landing Page

Prompt: “Use the 5Cs framework to guide me through optimizing my landing page.”

5/ Craft a Stunning Infographic

Prompt: “Follow the VISUAL framework to create a guideline that will help me design an infographic for my [product/service].”

6/ Craft a YouTube Video Script

Prompt: “Write a Youtube video script using the ABT framework for my [product/service] about the following [topic].”

7/ Boost Organic Traffic through SEO Optimization

Prompt: “Provide a step-by-step guide to optimize my website’s SEO for [target keywords].”

8/ Generate Eye-Catching Headlines

Prompt: “Create [#] headlines about {Insert Topic}. The headlines should be eye-catching, punchy, and memorable.”

9/ Create a Winning Email Campaign

Prompt: “Assist me in creating an email marketing campaign for my [product/service] using the Customer Value Journey framework.”

10/ Create your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Prompt: “For my [product/service], create a guideline for my influencer marketing strategy, using the 4Cs of Influencer Marketing (Content, Credibility, Clout, Cost-effectiveness).”


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