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10 New Google AI Tools and Features to Boost Productivity


Google has many game-changing AI features and tools that can completely change how you work and use AI. Google always tries to boost our productivity and introduce products to improve efficiency and get more done. Google Workspace has one of the best suites of tools that are easy to use and access for free. During the recent Google I/O ’24, it announced some new AI tools and features, including some generative AI tools

Google has many AI tools, so here are 10 that you should know. These AI tools will change how you work and interact with AI through Google.

AI Overviews: 

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is now available to all US users. This feature provides a summary of information at the top of your search results page, aiming to simplify the search process by performing more advanced research on the users’ behalf using Gemini’s multistep reasoning.

Gmail AI features: 

The company’s email client now includes Gemini-powered AI features such as Smart Reply, which offers personalized answers based on email threads and suggested replies. Gmail users can use Gemini to help write better emails, cover letters, and more.


SynthID is a toolkit that allows you to watermark and identify AI-generated content such as images, audio, text, and video. This tool is crucial for promoting trust in information and addressing issues like misinformation and misattribution related to AI-generated content.

Fraud-call monitoring: 

Google announced the upcoming scam detection tools. These tools will use Google’s AI, Gemini, to identify and warn users about potential phone scams in real-time by displaying a warning pop-up message during incoming calls.

AI Teammates: 

At Google I/O, the company showcased Project Gemini-powered virtual teammate Chip, who helps monitor the progress of the work project. This AI coworker aims to assist with demanding tasks in collaborative projects powered by Google’s AI program, Gemini.

Circle to Search: 

The Circle to Search is a feature that allows you to use a gesture to select something on your Android phone and get additional information by circling, highlighting, or tapping it. With Circle to Search, you can circle, highlight, or tap anything on your Android display and then search for it on Google. 

Trip planning: 

Google’s Gemini AI assistant can now generate personalized trip plans with flight itineraries and hotel reservations, seamlessly integrating trip recommendations with reservations. It stands out for its ability to consider how plans work in space and time.


Google uses its AI model, Gemini Nano, to improve its TalkBack screen reader for blind and low-vision users. Launched in 2009, TalkBack reads what’s on a screen aloud and allows users to navigate their devices using custom gestures. It also supports voice commands and a virtual braille keyboard.

In Conclusion:

It’s fascinating to see how Google integrates AI into different aspects of its products and services to improve user experience and productivity. Introducing new AI tools and features, such as the Search Generative Experience, SynthID, and fraud-call monitoring, demonstrates Google’s will to benefit its users. The advancements in AI-powered virtual teammates and accessibility features like TalkBack further showcase Google’s efforts to make technology more inclusive and efficient for everyone. These AI developments are worth watching as they can significantly impact how we interact with AI daily.



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