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10 Gmail Productivity Tips Only Top 2% of People Know


Gmail is the most used email service application. With its staggering 1.8 billion users, Gmail is vital in the day and age of modern communication. Yet, only a fraction of these users could use its full potential. You may be an active user who uses the app daily or someone using it solely for app log-ins. Gmail is an essential app in corporate and personal life; your phone is incomplete without it. So, we will learn some Gmail tips that will help you use its maximum potential.

Here are ten Gmail hacks to elevate your email game:

Regret Sending That Email? Undo It in 30 Seconds:

Ever wished you could unsent an email? Gmail’s “Undo Send” feature lets you recall an email within 30 seconds. To allow this, click the settings icon (top right), go to Settings > General, toggle on ‘Undo Send,’ and choose 30 seconds. No more email mishaps!

Get Rid of Promotional Emails:

Drowning in promotional emails? Type “unsubscribe” in the Gmail search bar. Select all emails with the unsubscribe tag and hit the delete button. Enjoy a cleaner inbox instantly.

Send a Confidential Email:

Keep sensitive information secure by sending confidential emails. When composing a new email, you can turn off copying, printing, and forwarding functions by clicking on the padlock symbol. Your confidential information will remain protected.

Check Your Gmail Offline:

Need to access your Gmail without an internet connection? Enable Gmail offline mode. Click the gear icon or “Quick Settings,” then go to “See all settings” and select “Offline.”

Send Your Email Later:

Want to look productive even when you’re not? Schedule your emails. Click the down arrow next to ‘Send,’ choose ‘Schedule Send,’ and pick the desired date and time. Your email will be sent exactly when you want it to be.

Snooze an Email:

Do you have an email you don’t want to deal with? Snooze it for later. Click on the clock icon on the right and choose how long you want to snooze the email. It will reappear in your inbox on the selected date.

Use Labels:

Organize your inbox with labels. Create custom labels for different types of emails like “Work,” “Personal,” or “Travel.” Click the “Labels” button in the toolbar and select the label you want. Stay organized effortlessly.

Create Templates:

Speed up your email responses with templates. Compose a new email, enter your template text, click the three-dot menu, select Templates > Save draft as template > Save as new template. Save time on repetitive emails.

Archive Important Emails (Don’t Delete Them!):

Archiving removes your emails from your inbox without deleting them. It will keep your inbox clutter-free while preserving important information. Select the email and click on Archive.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Boost your productivity with Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts. Move through your inbox quickly by heading to Settings > See all settings, locate General > Keyboard shortcuts, and select “On.” Need a complete list? Type “Shift + ?” with Gmail open.

In Conclusion:

Incorporating these Gmail hacks can improve your inbox and emailing efficiency. These tips could help you maintain a clean inbox and secure communications. Try these 10 tips and experience a smarter way to manage your emails!



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