10 Genius Print Ads That Will Inspire Marketers

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In a world dominated mainly by digital advertising, the lasting power of print ads might seem like a gimmick of the past. Yet, as the saying goes, “print isn’t dead,” and it’s far from it. In fact, print advertisements continue to carry significant influence, often leaving a lasting impression that their digital counterparts may struggle to match.

In this article, we will go deeper into print advertising, finding the best print ads apart from the rest. While digital platforms offer different tools and techniques, print ads demand a unique approach, depending on concise creativity and a perfect blend of image and text to captivate audiences.

But what exactly distinguishes a good print ad from a forgettable one? Le’s check out some of the most memorable print ads of all time, finding the secrets behind their success and offering insights into the art of print advertising in an increasingly digital world.

Here are the best print advertisements of all time:

Pepsi and Coca-Cola: Everybody Wants To Be A Hero & Everybody Wants To Be A Hero 🦸

The fan-made ‘Everybody Wants To Be A Hero’ ad responds to Pepsi’s ‘We Wish You A Scary Halloween’ ad. It went viral and showcased the power of quick, witty responses in brand competition. It proves that with creativity and humor, a brand can create a response that strengthens its position. The ad inspires upcoming marketers and highlights the role of fans in shaping brand conversations.

Mercedes-Benz: X-rays a Cow πŸ”¦

BBDO, a Mexico City ad agency, created a print ad featuring a silhouette of a cow standing in the middle of the road at night. Mercedes-Benz’s Intelligent Light System provides 60% more visibility on the road. The bright headlights of the Mercedes behind it create an ‘X-ray vision’ of the cow’s insides. The ad effectively represents the powerful Intelligent Light System in Mercedes-Benz.

Norwegian Airlines: Using Limited Space Wisely ✈️

Norwegian Airlines used the limited space brilliantly by outlining hidden flags inside the Norwegian flag, with destinations and prices listed. The ad, titled Flag of Flags, was created in 2015 by Stockholm-based agency M&C Saatchi and highlights five hidden flags inside Norway’s flag. The information is presented in a clean sans-serif typeface. 

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC): Finger-Lickin’ Good πŸ—

Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for its effective advertisements and huge fan base. The print ad above catches your attention with its human-like mouth on a phone home button, playing on its famous tagline, “It’s finger-lickin’ good.” The ad portrays how irresistible KFC’s taste is.

IKEA: Designed for Apples 🍎

IKEA Bulgaria released a clever ad that creatively marketed their cheese grater as similar to Apple’s Mac Pro. The ad takes a humorous jab at Apple’s design, which some likened to a cheese grater. The ad features a lowercase ‘i’ on the product name and a pun on how the grater would work well on apples, referencing Apple products. 

Colgate: Dental Floss 😁

Colgate showed that its dental floss picks prevent anything from getting stuck between your teeth. The ad print suggests using their product to avoid embarrassing bits, even the tiniest of seeds and strawberry bits, stuck in your teeth. With Colgate floss picks, you can keep your smile bright and avoid any discomfort.

Volkswagen Touareg: Tough and Refined πŸš—

This Volkswagen print ad features a mountain goat with a shaved back like a poodle, creating the concept of luxe meets performance. The ad promotes the Touareg as a luxurious off-road vehicle by Volkswagen. It’s a clever way to showcase the car’s dual nature as tough and refined.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF): Preserving Wildlife ❀️

The World Wildlife Fund’s 2010 campaign conveyed a message of saving the planet with a series of print ads. Each ad had a side-by-side image of a shark, snake, or bird of prey next to a mirrored image where the animal had vanished, highlighting the importance of preserving wildlife.

LEGO: Imagine 🌌

Lego’s print ad promotes imagination with high-rise buildings made of Legos and the tagline “imagine.” The ad is short and simple, stimulating emotions quickly. Despite only using a few Lego pieces, our brain quickly recognizes The Simpsons. This creates a wow moment, leading to positive effects.

Ford: Rear View Camera 🀳

At first glance, it looks like a dog taking a selfie, but this is an ad by Ogilvy Istanbul for Ford’s Rear View Camera. It features a dog staring straight into the camera to bring feeling and emotion to an important message. The ad stimulates emotion by featuring a dog staring straight into the camera to convey an important message. 

In Conclusion:

Print advertising remains a powerful tool for marketers to communicate their brand message and engage with their target audience. The above examples show how print ads can be creative, witty, and emotionally engaging. It is clear that the art of print advertising is still alive and well, and with the right goal and vision, it can be just as effective as digital advertising. As we move into the digital age, marketers should remember the potential of print advertising and continue finding innovative ways to make their print ads stand outΒ from the rest.


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