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10 Awesome Windows-11 Tips, Tricks, and Features You Need to Know


Windows 11 has plenty of hidden or unknown potential that you may not know of until now. Here are some new or lesser-known/ used features that can improve your desktop OS with these important tips and tricks. While Windows 11 has a sleek user interface, it kept the core of Windows 10. There is always something new, with the latest updates from Microsoft, to improve your experience and stay ahead of everyone; you must know these tips to maximize your Windows 11 experience!

Here are the 10 Windows 11 tips and tricks you need to know:

Generate Text and AI Images With Copilot:

Microsoft Copilot can help you with content creation and more. Access it by clicking the colorful, swirly icon on the right end of the taskbar or typing Windows Key-C. You can use your voice to tell it what to do, and it remembers the context of a conversation. Copilot also supports plug-ins for tasks like making dinner reservations or travel plans.

Create and Manage Multiple Desktops:

The old Task View button was redesigned on the taskbar, making it easier to create and manage multiple desktops. Hover over the icon to see open virtual desktops or create a new one. You can use different desktop wallpapers for each virtual desktop to better differentiate them.

See Information at a Glance With Widgets:

While Windows 10 showcased widgets, Windows 11 went all in with widgets. The new Widgets icon on the taskbar lets you check the weather, see the latest sports scores, track stock prices, manage your Outlook calendar, and read the latest news. You are allowed to customize the widgets according to your needs. If you want, then you can rearrange them on the page and even manage your newsfeed preferences. You can also add third-party widgets from Spotify and Facebook Messenger.

Connect Your Phone for Texts, Calls, and More:

Windows 11’s Phone Link app lets you wirelessly connect your smartphone so you can see phone notifications on your PC, reply to text messages, and make calls from your computer. Android users benefit the most by gaining access to photos, music, and even phone apps on their PCs.

Increase Security by Using Passkeys:

Passwords are less secure than other options. Windows 11 supports more secure passkeys tied to the device they reside on. Passkeys use Windows Hello authentication via PIN, facial recognition, or fingerprint, making logins more secure and convenient.

View the Full App List:

Windows 11 has added an extra step to view your full app lists. Open the menu and click the All Apps button in the Pinned section to browse or search for a specific app. For quicker access, type the first few letters of the app’s name.

Backup Your PC With Windows Backup:

The 23H2 version update introduced a new Windows Backup app that saves your files, settings, apps, and credentials to OneDrive cloud storage. This feature ensures that if you move to a new PC, you can sign in and have everything restored to your familiar setup.

Customize the Quick Settings Panel:

Windows 11 separates the Quick Settings from notifications. To control various settings, click the taskbar area with Wi-Fi, speaker, and battery icons. Click the pencil-shaped Edit quick settings button to add or remove settings buttons, unpin unwanted features, or click Add to include new ones.

Realign the Start Button:

Windows 11 centers the Start button with the rest of the taskbar icons, but you can change it. Right-click the taskbar, open the Settings, select the Taskbar Behaviors drop-down option, and change Taskbar Alignment.

Snap Your Window Layouts for Better Output:

Windows 11 improves snap-and-resize with Snap Layouts. You can drag windows to the different sides and corners for different layouts. A hover menu over the Maximize button offers layout options based on your display size. Use keyboard shortcuts like Windows Key-Left Arrow to snap windows quickly.

In Conclusion:

Microsoft offers many new features, capabilities, and improvements with Windows 11 to improve your productivity and user experience. These 10 tips and tricks, from AI assistance with Copilot to improved passkey security, can help you get the most out of your Windows 11 desktop. We will be here to share more Microsoft updates and features, as well as many other cool tools and the latest news.



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