10 AI-Powered Add-Ons for Google Sheets

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Google Sheets add-ons are third-party applications that improve the spreadsheet program’s functionality, allowing you to perform tasks beyond basic spreadsheet operations. These add-ons are designed for specific uses, such as data analysis, reporting, complex calculations, auto-populating data, sending emails, and more. Below are ten AI-powered add-ons for Google Sheets that can transform your productivity and simplify workflows.

Here are 10 AI-powered add-ons for Google Sheets:


Ajelix is a must-have if you want to speed up your spreadsheet tasks. This add-on can write and explain formulas, translate sheets, and perform various functions in seconds, making complex tasks more manageable and less time-consuming.


Most users underestimate Google Sheets’ capabilities, but Coefficient unlocks its full potential. By connecting ChatGPT, Coefficient automates tasks like summarizing and formatting data. It’s perfect for users who need to automate repetitive tasks and improve efficiency.

Numerous AI:

With Numerous AI, you no longer need to write or remember formulas. By integrating ChatGPT, this add-on allows you to perform virtually any task in Google Sheets effortlessly, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced professional users.

Formula Bot:

Excelformulabot is a game-changer for anyone who struggles with creating formulas. This add-on instantly turns text instructions into formulas, saving you the hassle of figuring out complicated formula arrangements.


PromptLoop uses AI to transform, extract, or summarize text directly in your sheets. This add-on is particularly useful for SEO and sales lists, providing powerful text management capabilities that simplify your workflow.

Power Tools:

Power Tools improves data manipulation with features like Split Names and Remove Duplicates. This add-on simplifies complex data-cleaning tasks, ensuring your data is always accurate and well-organized.


DocParser is perfect for those who need to extract data from PDFs quickly. This add-on saves you hours of manual data entry by automatically parsing PDF documents and populating your sheets with the extracted data.


MonkeyLearn allows you to perform text tagging, sentiment analysis, and keyword extraction, all seamlessly integrated with Google Sheets. This add-on is ideal for users who need to analyze text data without leaving their spreadsheet.

Two Minute Reports:

Two Minute Report helps you connect multiple data sources to Google Sheets and automate reporting. This add-on simplifies the creation of dashboards and reports, making monitoring and analyzing data from different sources easier.

Simple ML for Sheets:

Building AI models can be a tough task, but Simple ML for Sheets makes it accessible to everyone. This AI-powered add-on allows you to build machine learning (ML) models without needing any prior knowledge or experience. It even allows you to use AI for predictive analytics and more.

In Conclusion:

Shoutout to Ryan Lazuka on X (former Twitter) for the article idea. Integrating these AI-powered add-ons into Google Sheets can improve productivity and simplify workflows. From automating complex tasks to simplifying data analysis and reporting, these AI tools provide diverse AI functionalities for various business needs and productivity. Use AI’s power to transform how you work with Google Sheets.


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